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Statistics 3e (ebook)
Statistics 3e (ebook)
Lau Too Kya, Phang Yook Ngor, Zainudin Awang
Statistics is a book written for first- and second-year students who are pursuing diploma courses in business studies, business insurance, banking, marketing, public administration, accountancy, hotel management and tourism, applied sciences, computer science, quantitative methods, statistics, actuarial science and engineering in institutes of higher learning. This book is written in a simplified manner and the concepts are easy to grasp and understand. The contents of the book are based on the Basic Statistics and Business Statistics syllabuses. The text comprises nine chapters. The concepts are explained with numerous examples and questions with answers provided. Each chapter opens with real-life applications and related pictures.
Table of contents
1. Introduction to Statistics
2. Sampling and Data Collection Methods
3. Data Presentation
4. Numerical Descriptive Measures of Data
5. Measures of Dispersion
6. Correlation and Regression
7. Time Series Data Analysis
8. Index Number
9. Probability