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Questions & Solutions: Basic Calculus for Engineering (ebook)
Questions & Solutions: Basic Calculus for Engineering (ebook)
Norshahida Rahman, Saliza Baharudin
This book is aimed at helping students to acquire the skills and techniques needed to tackle calculus problems. It is suitable for Calculus courses catered for Engineering students and first-year Mathematics majors at local institutions of higher learning. Apart from brief notes for every chapter, this book offers fully worked solutions for sample questions on the key Calculus topics. Each chapter ends with exercises for students to attempt on their own.
Table of contents
Basic Calculus for Engineering
1. Functions
2. Limits and Continuity
3. Differentiation
4. Applications of Derivatives
5. Integration
6. Applications of The Definite Integrals
7. Transcendental Functions
8. Techniques of Integration
9. Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates
10. Complex Numbers
11. Infinite Sequences and Series