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Organizational Behaviour 2e (ebook)
Organizational Behaviour 2e (ebook)
Sarah Sabir Ahmad,Azfahanee Zakaria,Rosliza Md Zani, Norlida Kamaluddin (editor),Rohaya Mohd Hussein (editor)
This comprehensive book aims to be a valuable resource for all diploma- and degree-level Business Management students, as well as fulfil the dearth of books with local perspectives on the subject. Written by senior academics with vast industry-related experience, this second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to present current information and insights in the area of organizational behaviour. It contains 17 chapters that adequately explore core theories and concepts under the individual, group and organizational levels of analysis. In keeping with the latest developments in the field, it includes a new chapter on understanding interpersonal relations. Besides that, the discussion questions and case studies in all chapters support and encourage students to discuss the key topics, while reinforcing their understanding. Additionally, model examination questions have been added to the end of all chapters for students to reflect on what they have learned and apply that knowledge.
Table of contents
Organizational Behaviour
1. Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
2. Social System and Culture of an Organization
3. Personality
4. Perception and Learning
5. Motivation
6. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
7. Leadership
8. Power and Politics
9. Supervision
10. Groups and Work Teams
11. Decision Making
12. Understanding Interpersonal Relations
13. Communication
14. Conflict and Negotiation
15. Stress and Emotion
16. Organizational Change
17. HR Policies and Practices