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Malaysian Studies 2e (ebook)
Malaysian Studies 2e (ebook)
Mardiana Nordin, Hasnah Hussiin
Malaysian Studies 2e is a textbook for students studying the course at the Diploma and Degree levels. This book can be used by anyone who wishes to find out more about the country as well. It also offers an insight into the country’s role at the international stage. Ultimately, this book is aimed at helping students to grasp the Malaysian history, political and administrative structure, and culture. The book contains eight chapters covering the main topics in the latest Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) syllabus, including Malaysia’s historical aspects, administrative system and structure, constitution, population, socioeconomic growth, national development as well as issues of national concern.
Table of contents
Malaysian Studies
1 The Nation’s Early History
2 The Fight For Independence And The Formation Of Malaysia
3 The Malaysian Government System
4 Malaysian Constitution
5 Multiracial Society And National Unity
6 National Development
7 Issues Of National Concern
8 Thoughts And Beliefs
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