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Information Systems: An Introduction 2e (ebook)
Information Systems: An Introduction 2e (ebook)
Farah Waheeda Jalaludin,Ezatul Emilia Muhammad Arif,Hen Kai Wah, Wan Anisha Wan Mohammad,Noor Akma Mohd Salleh
This book addresses the dearth of local reference material on the subject. It caters for the information systems (IS) courses of local universities. Spanning 13 chapters, this book presents the fundamental topics of IS in an accessible manner for students, which distinguishes it from the other textbooks available in the market. To keep the book current and relevant, recent developments in the field are discussed. Additionally, a strong local flavour is incorporated into the chapters through local examples and case studies.
Table of contents
Information Systems
1. Introduction to Information Systems
2. Information Systems as Competitive Advantage
3. Information Systems Hardware
4. Information Systems Software
5. Data Resource Management
6. Telecommunications and Networks
7. E-commerce Systems
8. Business Information Systems
9. Cross-functional Information Systems
10. Information Systems in Decision-making
11. Advanced Information Systems: Artificial Intelligence
12. Business Information Systems Development
13. Security and Ethical Challenges in Managing Information Systems