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Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-Accounting Students (ebook)
Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-Accounting Students (ebook)
Wan Madznah Wan Ibrahim,Mohd Rizal Palil,Mara Ridhuan Che Abdul Rahman,
This comprehensive book aims to be a valuable resource for all undergraduates pursuing introductory accounting subjects, especially non-accounting students. It contains 21 chapters that explore both financial accounting and management accounting, with emphasis on the Malaysian environment. Thus, this book is also useful for future managers, who need to understand the basics of financial accounting before proceeding to management accounting. The content of this book is written in an accessible manner by experienced academics. Systematic worked examples are given to guide students in understanding important topics progressively. Besides that, self-test activities and group activities are amply provided at the end of all chapters to facilitate students’ application of knowledge, as well as reinforcement of knowledge acquired. Additionally, online resources for both students and lecturers are available as handy supplements.
Table of contents
Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-Accounting Students
1. Intoduction to Accounting
2. Recording Accounting Information
3. Business Performance Measurement
4. Requirements for Information Disclosure
5. Accounting for Current Assets
6. Accounting for Non-Current Assets
7. Single Entry and Incomplete Records
8. Accounting for Liabilities and Owner Equity
9. Accounting for Partnerships
10. Accounting for Companies: Formation, Shares Issuance and Dividends
11. Analysis of Financial Statements
12. Introduction to Management and Cost Accounting
13. Management of Material, Labour and Overhead Costs
14. Accounting for Manufacturing Companies
15. Product Costing
16. Capital Budgeting
17. Operational Budgets
18. Flexible Budgets and Standard Costing
19. Costing Technique, Cost-Volume-Profit and Pricing
20. Accounting for Control and Performance Measurement
21. Strategic Management Accounting