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Fully Worked Solutions: Matriculation Physics Sem 1
Fully Worked Solutions: Matriculation Physics Sem 1
Poh Liong Yong
This product provides comprehensive chapter-based questions with complete answers to help students excel in their exams. Each chapter consists of multiple-choice questions which are automatically marked and subjective questions equipped with step-by-step fully worked solutions to guide students in mastering the skills of answering questions. Hints are given for selected questions. Students are encouraged to attempt the questions before looking at the answers and step-by-step solutions. The step-by-step solutions will help students understand and learn how to answer the questions. This product is ideal for students who want to learn and practise at their own pace and monitor their own performance.
Table of contents
Title Page
Copyright Page
Contents at a Glance
01 Physical Quantities and Measurements
02 Kinematics of Linear Motion
03 Momentum and Impulse
04 Forces
05 Work, Energy and Power
06 Circular Motion
07 Gravitation
08 Rotation of a Rigid Body
09 Simple Harmonic Motion
10 Mechanical Waves
11 Sound Waves
12 Deformation of Solids
13 Heat
14 Kinetic Theory of Gases
15 Thermodynamics