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Foundation English (ebook)
Foundation English (ebook)
Noorazalia Izha Haron, Nor Azira Mohd Radzi, Latisha Asmaak Shafie, Amizura Hanadi Mohd Radzi, Surina Nayan, Nur Fairuz Wahida Ibrahim
This book is tailored to fulfil the needs of post-secondary students who are pursuing English language courses at local institutions of higher learning. Specifically, it aims to adequately equip students with the fundamentals of English language usage, with emphasis on improving their proficiency in the language and helping them to excel in their academic programmes. Spanning five units, the book covers the four language skills—reading, listening, speaking and writing—as well as basic grammar. Concise notes are presented in an engaging and accessible manner, while ample and varied exercises are provided in each unit to assess and reinforce learning. Besides acquiring the necessary skills and strategies, students are also exposed to many current topics to pique their interest and sustain engagement in class. To further support the learning process, the book provides additional tasks that students can carry out both online and offline independently. The listening tasks in the book are supported by 12 accompanying audio tracks and a CD script, whereas suggested answers are given at the end of the book.
Table of contents
Foundation English
1. Reading
2. Listening
3. Speaking
4. Writing
5. Grammar
CD Script