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Business Research Methods (ebook)
Business Research Methods (ebook)
Mukesh Kumar, Salim Abdul Talib, T. Ramayah
This textbook designed for students pursuing undergraduate programmes in all business disciplines and MBAs. Its student-friendly design contains numerous examples illustrating real-world research in management, finance, accounting and other business areas. This book is divided into four major parts: (i) Fundamentals of Business Research, (ii) Initial Stages of Business Research, (iii) Data Collection, Measurement and Sampling, and (iv) Data Analysis, Research Reporting and Decision-making. This book is different from current business research books available in the market as it incorporates examples which are based on a Malaysian context.
Table of contents
Business Research Methods
Part I Fundamentals of Business Research
1. Introduction to Business Research
2. Scientific Investigation and Business Research Process
Part II Initial Stages of Business Research
3. Preliminary Information Gathering and Problem Definition
4. Developing Theoretical Framework and Setting the Objectives
5. Research Design and Proposal Writing
Part III Data Collection, Measurement and Sampling
6. Methods of Data Collection
7. Measurement in Management and Scaling Techniques
8. Questionnaire Design and Fieldwork Plan
9. Sampling Design: Theory and Practice
Part IV Data Analysis, Research Reporting and Decision-Making
10. Experimental Design
11. Data Processing and Basic Data Analysis
12. Univariate and Bivariate Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics
13. Multivariate Data Analysis: Dependence Method
14. Multivariate Data Analysis: Interdependence Method
15 Research Report Writing
References and Recommended Readings