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Financial Accounting and Reporting 2 (ebook)

MFRS-compliant, tailored for the syllabi of local universities, with exercises to reinforce students’ technical skills.
Financial Accounting and Reporting 3 (ebook)

MFRS-compliant, tailored for the syllabi of local univesities, with exercises to reinforce students’ technical skills.
Fundamentals of Auditing (ebook)

This book explains the auditing concepts, standards and statutory requirements governing the profession and practice.
Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-Accounting Students (ebook)

This book explores financial and management accounting in the Malaysian context. Comes with helpful online resources.
Cost Accounting 5e (ebook)

The content, replete with examples, encompasses local and overseas examination syllabi in cost and management accounting
Financial Management 3e (ebook)

Using an open-learning approach, the principles and theories of financial management are explained concisely and simply.
Statistics 3e (ebook)

Comprises Quick Check and Review Questions, and is exam-oriented with worked examples and answering strategies.
Business Mathematics 3e (ebook)

Exam-oriented with worked examples as well as answering strategies to help students tackle their exams successfully.
Business Management 3e (ebook)

Content with a local flavour that reinforces students’ grasp of the topics via discussion questions/case studies.
Business Statistics (ebook)

This example-packed book comprises the text and syntaxes of SPSS and Excel, and comes equipped with exercises.
Business Research Methods (ebook)

This book explains statistical techniques via examples and instructions on SPSS for processing and analysing data.
Fundamentals of Economics (ebook)

Presents key topics using simple language, and provides assessment through a variety of question types.
Information Systems: An Introduction 2e (ebook)

Provides examples that focused on Asian perspective, case studies and questions to reinforce students’ understanding.
Personal Development and Ethics (ebook)

A strong flavour of local perspectives is integrated into the content, questions and activities are also provided.
ORS Principles of Marketing 3e (ebook)

A quick revision that provides case studies and application questions, useful as self-test and group study.
ORS Retailing (ebook)

This book includes case studies and equips students with the problem-solving skills in retail management.
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ebook)

Helps students to link the discussions to the real world through sample business ideas and questions are provided.