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Success Physics Form 4 eBook
Success Physics Form 4 eBook
Foo Seng Teek,Yee Cheng Teik
Success Physic Form 4 eBook provides an interactive digital environment for students to revise and prepare for the SPM Physics papers. It promotes blended learning which enhances learning experience. Each chapter consists of notes, experiments and interactive features such as 2D/3D videos, animations, a variety of exercises, subtopic practices and others. Numerous SPM Clone questions are provided to allow students to practise answering SPM style questions. Fully worked solutions/answers are available as a pop-up feature. HOTS Guide provides useful tips on answering Higher Order Thinking Skills questions. At the end of the chapter, there are SPM Exam Practice Paper 1 & Paper 2. SPM Exam Practice: Paper 1 consists of objective (multiple-choice) questions which are automatically marked. Students can check and monitor their performance from the score and time taken for the test. SPM Exam Practice: Paper 2 consists of subjective questions. Students can try out the questions on their own before referring to the answers. This digital product gives students the flexibility to learn in their own style, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.
Table of contents
Title Page
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Copyright Page
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User Guide
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Form 4
1. Introduction to Physics
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2. Forces and Motion
3. Forces and Pressure
4. Heat
5. Light