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Operations Management (ebook)
Operations Management (ebook)
Rosliza Md Zani ,Mohd Radzi Mohd Khir
This is an introductory book on operations management catered for diploma and degree students. Written in an accessible and engaging manner by experienced educators, this book covers the fundamentals in 14 comprehensive chapters. These chapters explore and expand on the key topics of operations management and productivity, operations strategy and competitiveness, product design, sustainability, process strategies, location decision, layout decision, project management, work measurement, capacity and aggregate planning, supply chain management, inventory management, quality management, and maintenance. All chapters are summed up with a summary, glossary of key terms and list of references to consolidate the students’ understanding of topic coverage. Additionally, the chapters also provide various short-answer questions and calculation exercises with final answers at the end of the book to test and reinforce the students’ mastery of the topics.
Table of contents
Operations Management
1. Introduction to Operations Management and Productivity
2. Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
3. Product Design
4. Sustainability
5. Process Strategy
6. Location Decisions
7. Layout Decisions
8. Project Management
9. Work Measurement
10. Capacity and Aggregate Planning
11. Supply Chain Management
12. Inventory Management
13. Quality Management
14. Maintenance