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Fully Worked Solutions STPM Chemistry Second Term_sample
Fully Worked Solutions STPM Chemistry Second Term_sample
Chew Wei Chin, Wong Koon Yin, Naufal bin Jailani, Raja Usula Raja Ahmad, Ooi Boon Thai
Fully Worked Solutions STPM Chemistry Second Term provides comprehensive chapter-based questions with complete answers to help students excel in the exam. Step-by-step fully worked solutions are provided to guide students in mastering the skill of answering questions. Hints are given where relevant. Each chapter consists of objective (multiple-choice) questions which are automatically marked, and subjective (structured and essay) questions. Students can try out the questions on their own before looking at the answers. They can also learn how to answer questions by referring to the fully-worked solutions. STPM Model Papers are also provided for students to practise answering STPM Chemistry Paper 2. This product is ideal for students to learn and practise at their own pace and for them to monitor their own performance.
Table of contents
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Contents at a Glance
7 Chemical Energetics
8 Electrochemistry
9 Periodic Table: Periodicity
10 Group 2
11 Group 14
12 Group 17
13 Transition Elements
Model Paper 2 (Set 1)
Model Paper 2 (Set 2)